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For families who enjoy going on adventures, Googo offers a wide variety of high-quality products that encourage people of all ages to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Each of Googo’s products allow families to create meaningful memories in nature and promote a more active, healthy and happy life.

We believe that days spent outdoors are the best days!

Our Mission

Go Outdoors - Get Outside - Go!

Googo’s mission is to encourage families to go outside and enjoy nature by providing them with high-quality, affordable and fun products. With Googo by your side, you are sure to always have a fun time!

Our Vision

Explore Somewhere New Today!

With people today spending so much time indoors with technology, Googo aims to inspire people to go on adventures outside and create new meaningful memories with their loved ones.

Who we are

We believe that days spent outdoors are the best days! There’s nothing better than time spent in nature with the ones we love, going on a new adventure. Whether you are adventuring solo, with family, or with a group of friends - Googo is here to support you every step of the way.

What we offer

Since 2019, Googo has provided people with the highest quality adventure products and outdoor gear for people of all ages. Our lineup of products include electric mountain bicycles, inflatable paddle boards, inflatable swimming pools, camping tents, camping chairs, beach tents and so much more! Check out our line-up of outdoor products today!

Our promise

Our promise is to continue finding new and innovative ways that will support you in living your happiest, healthiest and most adventurous lives.

Origin Story

Between work, online shopping, television, videogames and social media, many of us are spending countless hours looking at screens each day and staying inside of our homes to get things done. And while technology is helping to keep everyone more virtually connected, it is simultaneously keeping us physically apart from each other and loneliness is at an all-time high. In 2019, Albert, and a group of friends decided to go for a hike. While on the hike, they had a hard time making it to the top of a hill. They realized they weren’t getting the proper exercise and this struck a chord with Albert, giving him a light bulb moment. Albert wanted to build a brand that would inspire people to get outside, connect with each other and nature, and create new memories that would be cherished for years to come. And that is how Googo was born. Googo offers a variety of premium outdoor and adventure products for people of all ages to enjoy. Googo’s products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and standards and are available at an attainable price point. At Googo, we believe in spending less time in front of screens, and more exploring all that our beautiful planet has to offer.

Our values


Get your daily dose of vitamin SEA! Let the sun shine on your skin and feel the wind’s breeze as it blows through your hair. Make some new memories outdoors today!

Family Fun

Adventure awaits - you just have to find it! What are you waiting for? Grab your outdoor Googo gear, head to the great outdoors and explore somewhere new today.!


Studies show that body movement and blood flow circulation can impact overall happiness levels. Get up and move your body for some serious mood-boosting effects!!


All of our products are thoughtfully designed with you - the everyday adventurer - in mind!


Sit back and relax with Googo. We’ve designed our products to ensure your maximum comfort and enjoyment.


We do our small part in protecting and preserving our beautiful planet by using materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly, wherever possible.


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